The First Appointment

The first appointment is primarily about you getting to know one of us and determining how comfortable you feel with the Psychologist’s therapeutic style. Describing your worries or concerns as well as any solutions you have tried is a great place to start. Together, you and the Psychologist will spend some time clarifying the specific changes you would like to make and goals for counselling.

At the end of the first appointment the Psychologist will give you her/his professional opinion as to what therapeutic approaches and interventions will be helpful, and also an indication as to the number of sessions that may be required.

The number of sessions varies depending on the client and their presenting problem. An average time frame would be approximately 6-12 sessions. However, both shorter and longer term counselling is available.



To make an appointment

Week-day, evening and Saturday appointments can be made by calling 9571 1234 or 0419 485 818 or by phoning any of the Psychologists directly.
Alternatively you can send us an email with any questions and your contact details.